About Clinic

Ganesh Dental Clinic! is located at Kodaikanal, which offers international quality of dental care and speciality treatment.

The clinic was started in the year 2006 and now the clinic is well established with 2 dental chairs with all specialities from the beginning we had strived and succeeded in providing quality dental care.

We are trained and equipped to treat every aspect of your dental needs with professionalism and expertise, from full-spectrum routine checkups and cleanings to modern periodontal treatment, implant dentistry, intravenous sedation and state-of-the-art Cosmetic Dentistry such as teeth whitening system, invisible fillings and porcelain ceramic veneers/crowns/bridges.

Record maintenance
As per DCI norms, all the patient treatment and records are maintained in our clinic.So that in future patient can receive all the case sheets on request.

In our dental office, the instruments are cleaned & sterilized in a stage wise manner.

All the instruments are cold sterilized by soaking them for one hour in a disinfectant solution.

The instruments are then segregated according to their usage & packed in disposable pouches. These pouches are color coded, which upon complete sterilization will change its color.

All the package instruments are steam sterilized for 15min, at 121° c at 15 psi pressure. It acts by denaturation & coagulation of enzymes and proteins, which kills microorganisms more rapidly. This is the currently recommended method by the American Dental Association.

Kodai Dental

The autoclaved instruments [completely sterilized instruments] are stored in UV chambers to prevent recontamination till further use.

In our office, we use disposables wherever possible. We use a fresh, new pair of gloves for every patient that is disposed off immediately after the treatment is completed. In addition we use disposable masks, suction tips and paper cups. All local anesthetic is given from sealed syringes that are opened in front of the patient and disposed off immediately after treatment. We have an in-house water treatment plant, which supplies our daily water needs.